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The Places I've Cried in Public by Holly Bourne

I haven't done as much reading as I'd have liked to do this year so far. I've dipped in and out of books; I've got bored a quarter way through a book and abandoned all reading for weeks on end. However, when I got an instagram ad for Holly Bourne's latest YA novel I knew it was one I'd enjoy. Sad books are my not so guilty pleasure (along with sad movies, sad shows, sad songs...) so when I saw the title I knew I just had to buy it, especially as I recently read another one of her novels and really enjoyed it.

Amsterdam in Photos

 When this is posted, it will be just over a month since I got back from lovely Amsterdam. Two of my oldest, closest friends and I headed to the Netherlands at the end of February and we had such a good time!  It truly is a beautiful city, and I took so many photos I decided to put just a few in a little photo diary style post.

The Little Things

It’s no secret to my friends, family or twitter followers (oops) that my brain is a little bit of a mess right now. I struggled mentally all throughout my teenage years and it’s cruelly followed me into my early 20s now too. My mental health is something that I’m beginning to accept; I get this way sometimes. There often isn’t a trigger or an obvious cause, I just get stuck but I have to say I’m getting tired of it.

REVIEW: Make Up Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer

It's safe to say that Make Up Revolution are easily one of my favourite brands. I've tried so many of their products and, at this moment in time at least, I can't bring a single one to mind that I haven't got along with. Their powder products always have such fab pigmentation and all the cream products I've used have been blendable (is that a word?) and long lasting. That being said, when I heard about the release of the new Conceal and Define concealer, I was SO bloody excited that I couldn’t NOT write a review and first impressions post about it.

Beauty Wishlist #2 || Cruelty Free

Hello! It feels like forever since I wrote a wish list post, and if you're familiar with my blog you'll know I love them, so I thought I'd bring back the Beauty Wishlist series I started in 2015. I did actually say on that post that I wouldn't make another until I had either bought or changed my mind about all the things on there, and I think I finally have! In addition to that, things are changing in my make up bag/skin care routine so I think it's about time for another one of these.