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London is my favourite city. By far the most infuriating, but nevertheless my favourite. Every time I visit I return back to my little and crappy northern town feeling overcome with creativity and inspiration and the urge to just do something, anything, to get me out of here and back to the place I love. It makes me want to be productive and it makes me want to create things. In all honesty, I don't understand it. I often struggle with a lack of inspiration and a horrible tendency to procrastinate (take one look at the dates on my blog posts and you'll see exactly what I mean) so I can't quite put my finger on why something as simple as a change of location can provoke such a change in me.

I returned from London almost a week ago now and the little spark of inspiration in my brain is still burning away so I thought whilst it's still there I may as well make use of it in the little corner of the internet that I love the most.