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Hello! I'm Molly, a 23 year old florist from the North West of England. I've been on and off blogging for a few years now, but my never-ending lack of motivation and inspiration have hindered me from really growing my blog. (I'm constantly saying that I hope this will change, but I really mean it this time!)

My main interests are reading, music, beauty and Disney, and I can guarantee my posts will reflect this massively! I also spent a year frequenting Disneyland Paris when I had an annual pass, so I'll probably include a few posts about that too.

I'd love to welcome guest posts and collaborations to my little blog, so if this is something you'd be interested in feel free to contact me via Twitter, Instagram or you can email me at mcllyjane@gmail.com

In regards to my posts, any products featured were bought out of my own pocket unless stated otherwise, and all opinions are my own honest ones.