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Everyday Make Up || 2020 Update

Absolutely nothing makes me cringe more than the fact that the most read post on this blog is my "Everyday Makeup" post from 2015. Thinking back to around the time I wrote the post, I can't even place using these products in my memory, and I definitely can't believe how many products and shades I used that were kinda questionable considering I was 17/18 and thought I knew what I was doing by then. It especially pains me to think back to the foundation shade I was using because it was NOT right for me at all, and product-wise (except for brushes) the only thing I still use from 5 years ago is the Extreme felt tip liner from Collection! It has to be said though, my makeup routine changes SO fricking much. I actually drafted most of this post at the start of lockdown and (with all the online shopping I've done lol) I've already changed the vast majority of products that I wrote about. I have kept the post mostly the same though, as the things that I've swapped out aren't necessarily things I'd never use again, they're just things that have been replaced with new products or things that I've wanted to try!

Because of all this, I thought it was about damn time I did an updated post to show you what I really use and talk about some of the changes I've made since. Quick disclaimer though, I now have like three types of makeup looks that I'll do. Theres my fully basic, "no makeup" makeup which is a Glossier skin tint and fully natural kinda vibe, then my 'everyday but still full face' look, then FULL full face/full glam which is when I'm going out or something. This post is based on the second one, so my in between face, because that's what my original 2015 post was based on when I was more of an 'all or nothing' kinda gal. 

First up, I use Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit moisturiser as a primer. I find it to be cheaper and it works better than a lot of primers I've tried, and it seems to help as I've always had a problem with make up staying on certain areas of my face. I also sometimes use Niod Photography Fluid which I was actually gifted off someone from work. I love it but, as it's kinda pricey for what it is, I tend to only use it when I'm going "out out" or for special occasions.

I'm one of those who does eyebrows first, and unlike 2015 when I used an MUA eyeshadow, I now use Revolution Brow Pomade. I used this colour when I had blue hair and the shade is now a little bit dark for my orangey hair, but there's loads left so I'm trying to pull it off! I then use my concealer which is Revolution Conceal and Define in 0.5 to neaten them up, then to conceal my face where it needs it. I wrote a post about shade 1 here, which I thought was perfect for me at the time, but as I've started wearing lighter foundation (I've always worn slightly too dark, oops) I've found the 0.5 shade is a lot better. Still love it though.

For foundation I use yet another Revolution product! It's their Conceal and Hydrate foundation, originally I got shade 1 but I'm using 0.5 at the minute (I finally found it in the shops) and that works fine too. I've been through my fair share of high-end foundations and honestly this one does pretty much everything they do so I'm happy saving a few quid. Contour-wise I use the shade Fawn from the ABH Contour kit in Light Medium. I usually buy the single refill but it looks like they've discontinued them :( I set my face with Jeffree Star's Magic Star setting powder in translucent. I wouldn't usually spend so much on a single product anymore (except palettes) but Klarna persuaded me (Update: since I wrote this a LOT of stuff has come out about Jeffree Star and I'll no longer be buying this powder and will be finding an alternative when it runs out.) My fave highlight palette is Dream by ABH, I usually use the shade Wish on a normal day.

On my eyes, I usually just go with one colour during the day, but it really depends what I'm doing. When I'm going out or doing a fancy eye look I do my shadow first because I am a liability for getting it everywhere, but for a casual face I'm just about safe. My go to palette for neutrals is ABH Soft Glam or Morphe's 15B Brunch Babe, or if I want something a bit more exciting I go for the James Charles Morphe palette. Eyeliner will be Collection's Extreme felt tip liner, if I decide to go there. I use Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara, which I haven't actually bought one of myself yet as I always ask for it for birthdays or Christmas, but you can usually get a good deal on QVC. Thank me later.

Finally a bit of lipstick! I like ABH liquid lipsticks, I can't remember which colour I have (I think it's Ashton???) but I bought it in TK Maxx for £9 so I love it for that, as well as for being a decent lippy. I also am partial to a good old MUA lippy, cheap and cheerful but shade 11 never lets me down! My fave setting spray is I Heart Revolution's Vanilla and Coconut fixing spray. Smells so good!

This post is an absolute monster for a makeup routine post because I do like to ramble, so if you made it this far congrats! As you can tell my make up bag has changed a hell of a lot, and I'm glad there's finally a record of it on this blog. Thanks for reading!

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