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Everyday Make Up || 2020 Update

Absolutely nothing makes me cringe more than the fact that the most read post on this blog is my "Everyday Makeup" post from 2015. Thinking back to around the time I wrote the post, I can't even place using these products in my memory, and I definitely can't believe how many products and shades I used that were kinda questionable considering I was 17/18 and thought I knew what I was doing by then. It especially pains me to think back to the foundation shade I was using because it was NOT right for me at all, and product-wise (except for brushes) the only thing I still use from 5 years ago is the Extreme felt tip liner from Collection! It has to be said though, my makeup routine changes SO fricking much. I actually drafted most of this post at the start of lockdown and (with all the online shopping I've done lol) I've already changed the vast majority of products that I wrote about. I have kept the post mostly the same though, as the things that I've swapped out aren't necessarily things I'd never use again, they're just things that have been replaced with new products or things that I've wanted to try!