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Amsterdam in Photos

 When this is posted, it will be just over a month since I got back from lovely Amsterdam. Two of my oldest, closest friends and I headed to the Netherlands at the end of February and we had such a good time!  It truly is a beautiful city, and I took so many photos I decided to put just a few in a little photo diary style post.

A little background info on the trip: it first came about when we failed to get tickets for any of the Post Malone concert dates in the UK. There were still some tickets left for the second Dam date so, as it was somewhere we'd always wanted to go together, we thought it would be a shame not to take the opportunity! The actual concert was amazing, Posty puts on SUCH a good show and, even though I am a fan, it really exceeded my expectations and was so much better than I thought it would be. If you ever get the chance to see him live or at a festival I'd definitely recommend it.

I couldn't do a post on our trip without a mention of the fab accommodation we managed to find. We stayed in a relatively cheap chain hotel just outside the centre, in the area of Amstel. The Meinenger was so convenient and really good value for money; I'd definitely stay there again. Although I didn't get any photos of the interior, I can say it was very clean and full to bursting with amenities and entertainment facilities: a guest kitchen, €2 photo booth, souveniers to purchase and arcade games just to name a few. The reception staff were so helpful especially the guy who checked us in, who happened to be born in our small hometown! It was very surreal being so far from home and being greeted with a northern accent.

Without further ado, here are just some of my favourite pictures from the trip! Enjoy having a nosey.

We just about managed to squeeze in a visit to the iconic "IAmsterdam" sign before we left! It's recently been relocated to Schipol airport, which made it easy for us on our way home.

The most photogenic gal! This is Nish; her and Liv that came with me have been my friends for 20 out of my 22 years and I couldn't thank them enough for the best time.

Trust Liv to match her surroundings for the sake of the 'gram.

The best accidental candid I've ever taken.

I just had to.

As a florist, I had to visit the floating flower markets! I just wish I could have brought everything home with me, there were so many pretty things.

The cutest cafe of the trip was The Breakfast Club (Wibautstraat branch)

We LOVED the food and the whole aesthetic of the place, so much so that we went twice. 

Beauty. Absolute beauty.

We also enjoyed a cute little cafe called Little Collins! The menu wasn't quite to my (basic af) taste but the halloumi dish I had was goooood.

A'DAM Lookout was amazing! Definitely worth the visit, but I'd book the swing tickets in advance if you're after a particular time!

Betty Blue was another beaut cafe we visited. Soooo much food.

I went on this with both Nish and Liv and it was one of the most amazing things I've ever done. I'd love to go on it at sunset or in daylight but we didn't quite time it right this time. 

 So there we have it! I know this post wasn't very informative; if you would like to hear more on the trip and the things we did (e.g Anne Frank house, Sex museum, A'DAM, food places) drop me a comment or something as I would love to sit down and write a proper post about it some time.
Thank you for reading/looking!

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