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The Little Things 2.0

 Back in March 2019, I wrote a slightly ramble-y post (as per) about appreciating the little things in life and touching on my mental health too. I've found the post so incredibly helpful over the past year or so; I often find myself reading back over the list of "little things" I made when I'm feeling down or lost. As well as that, the post actually ended up climbing to the second most-read on my blog. It took me by surprise that a personal and oddly specific post managed to do so well, and I really hope that means that my little list has helped even one other person to feel a bit brighter on a rough day. 

After the hellish events of the year so far, my mental health has been a rollercoaster, but a lot of the time it's been kind of terrible (once again). March to June was a really bizarre time for me with not being at work, never mind the fact I've spent the past 6 months and all my time off work at my grandparents' house rather than at home, which has been a very different experience for us all. I had absolutely no sense of normality in my life because not a single thing was the same. This is probably when I looked up my list the most. I was really trying to appreciate my life more like I used to and I think the consequences of the pandemic gave me a little bit of perspective and helped me do that. Although I am absolutely terrible at it, I think I am getting slightly better at not hating everything quite so much. I've often thought about writing a part 2 to that post to help me along, but didn't quite find the right time.

Fast forward to yesterday. In the morning I travelled home from staying with my best friend for a few days; it was the longest time we've spent together in absolutely ages and now that I'm home I feel like I'm missing a limb. A little dramatic maybe, but it's true. Although we had the absolute nicest time together, leaving left me in a shitty sad mood and feeling a bit lonely so I'd been trying to figure out something to cheer me up a little. That's when I remembered the Little Things post and, after yet another quick read, I feel like now's a good time to get a few more things down into a list. So enough blabbering from me, here's part two of my hot take on "life's little things."

♡ A good old cuppa

♡ Hydrangeas

♡ Lewis Capaldi live performances

♡ Fluffy dogs

♡ Oden's Eye palettes (thank you Dem for introducing me to this brand)

♡ Group chat movie nights

♡ Falling asleep on facetime

♡ Birthday cake kitkats

♡ Fairy lights

♡ Pretty cocktail bars

♡ Finding cute animal crossing villagers by chance

♡ Wholesome memes

♡ Post Malone singing Tongue Tied by Grouplove (weird and specific but my favourite)

♡ Forehead/cheek/nose kisses

♡ Cat's toe beans

♡ Driving along country lanes singing emo songs full blast (Twin Sized Mattress is SO good for this)

♡ Watermelon everything

♡ Fine Line by Harry Styles

♡ Getting notes/cards from friends

♡ South Shields beach

♡ Wishing on a shooting star in animal crossing

♡ Pumpkin Spice season

♡ Daisy chains

♡ Walks around Rivington (so specific I'm so sorry)

♡ Buying gifts

♡ Friendship bracelets (yes even at my big age)

♡ Dramatic hair colour changes

♡ When my boss buys stock that I actually like

♡ Fresh bedding

♡ Squishy hugs

♡ Squishmallows - look them up if you don't know what they are

♡ Pandora rings

♡ Funky ice cream flavours from those cute little farm shop kinda places

♡ Cosy hoodies

♡ Being reunited with your bestie after months

♡ Funfairs

Thank you for reading! I'm aware how strange and specific some of these are but as I said it's MY hot take so there's definitely some that absolutely no one will relate to or know what I'm on about. But like I said if you made it this far thanks for making the time to read my little list. Hope you enjoyed it, feel free to leave any of your own in the comments!

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