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January Goals

As I may have mentioned before, I do try and make New Year's resolutions if I'm feeling up to it at the start of the year. I say if I'm feeling up to it because I often find the start of a new year particularly difficult. There's so much of a buzz on social media about "new year, new me" and resolutions and fresh starts that it makes me wonder, should I be reinventing myself too? What if I'm okay with things as they are? Like many others, I usually take to my Finsta account (private insta, fyi) and post a few of my highlights from the year to reflect and look back at all the fun stuff I've done, but I always find myself thinking about what could have gone differently too. Thats just one of the things I want to change.

For the past couple of years my main resolution has been a reading goal, but I haven't once managed to read as many as I'd like. Some months I'll read 4-5 books, some months I won't even look in the direction of my overflowing shelves of them. Things change a hell of a lot over a year, which I'm realising more this time around than I normally do, and I think for me personally it's way more realistic for me to do monthly (ish) goals rather than some that might not even be relevant in just a few weeks time. I thought it might be beneficial for me to share the ones I've picked for January on my blog, that way the few of my friends that read this (hi gang) can keep me in check and I also have a way of looking back on them easily.

First of all, I want to try and learn to distinguish Bad Vibes from anxiety and overthinking. I often get strong bad feelings about things and convince myself I'm right and should 'trust my instincts', and sometimes I'm spot on, but more often than not I think it's just a reluctance because I'm anxious/nervous about change and new things. This means that sometimes I judge situations and even people unfairly, because I'm translating my overthinking as bad vibes/negative energy coming from elsewhere, when it's probably all coming from my own brain. I don't know if this actually makes sense to anyone else, but it does to me.

Secondly is yet another reading goal, but a realistic one, especially based on the fact I've already read one book so far (as of the 7th.) In January I'm aiming to read 4 full books. I got a few for Christmas, but I also have a fair few on Kindle AND a lot of unread ones on my shelves too, so I'm deffo not short of options.

I also need to start eating healthier and go back to the gym this month. I'm not happy with myself as I am anyway, but I also want to get in shape for my friend's wedding in on August 1st, so I'm starting now in hope that I'm giving myself more than enough time.

Finally, a big and kind of deep one for this month is to reach out to my friends if I need to. I've been going through a rough patch recently, yet I'm so used to being there for people and keeping my shit to myself that I'm not accepting the help I'm being offered from them, when I really could do with it. I need to remember that I can always pick up the phone if I need to, and that I have people there for me more than I realise. If this one applies to you too, PLEASE take my hypocritical advice and reach out, a problem shared really can be a problem halved.

I'm hoping using these smaller time frames for my aims/resolutions will help me make the year better and help me make the changes I want to and live my best life in 2020. Thanks for reading x

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