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First Impressions || Glossier

It may shock some people to hear that I'd never bought a Glossier product before this month. They're easily one of the most "insta worthy" brands there is (and, embarrassingly, that's usually all it takes for me) and I've always been tempted by them, but only gave in to the temptation after talking to my best friend about some of their products. It's kind of become (yet another) bonding topic for us over the past few weeks. A discount code and nearly a hundred quid later- oopsie- there was a Glossier parcel on its way to my house.

I won't lie, I've spent a bloody lot of money on skincare in lockdown so far. I'd already done two Beauty Bay orders before contemplating this one, so I probably/kinda/really didn't need to do this one too but here we are. After trying the stuff I bought out, I can't say I regret it though. I've used a couple things more than the rest, but I'll get on to that in a sec. I went for a mixture of makeup and skincare but there's still more things I want to get to try. This might end up being a part 1, who knows!

As it'd feel wrong otherwise, lets start off with skincare. The one thing I was always guaranteed to pick up is the Milky Jelly Cleanser. This cleanser is the main thing I've wanted to try since since I first heard of Glossier. I was SO intrigued by the jelly part of the name, and I'm glad to say I wasn't disappointed. Due to lockdown and all that jazz I haven't actually tried to use it to take makeup off yet but I have heard it isn't the best for that, which isn't a deal breaker for me anyway because I was quite happy with my old makeup removing method. After using it every morning for a week or so I can already tell that I'm going to be repurchasing this when I run out. I really love the texture and consistency of it, and it leaves my face feeling really refreshed and clean (obviously Moll) ready to go on to the next part of my routine. I wasn't so keen on the rose-y scent at first but it's definitely growing on me. I think it's pretty reasonably priced and I'd be happy to recommend it as either a lone cleanser or maybe as part of a double cleanse if you are removing makeup. Try it for yourself here, but also check out the bundles they do first because it can really save you some coin!

Next up is the only skin product that I'm kind of iffy on. Futuredew is an oil serum hybrid that's designed to give your skin that beaut 12 step skin routine, glow-y look that most would kill for, but with minimal effort. It doesn't interfere with makeup and it can be used as a top up to give your face added highlight in all the usual places. I think the main reason I'm not too sure on this one isn't actually to do with the product, it's to do with my face itself. Oh, and Glossier's instruction of TWO pumps which turned my face so shiny I could almost see a reflection in it. However, when I cut it down to one pump I actually didn't mind it quite as much. Futuredew also looks really pretty under my foundation which I love. I'm really trying to be more comfortable with my face as a whole, as well as the "no makeup" makeup look, and I feel like this could help once I get used to it. I also think it'll be dead nice in the summer months so I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes. The link is here.

One product I've been looking for over the past few months is something that gets rid of spots FAST so when I stumbled across the Zit Stick "spot eraser" I decided I simply had to have it. It sounded promising, and the actual packaging looks soooo cute as well which is always a bonus for me. I've used it on a couple of biggies so far and it actually works really well! I got an email specifically about it after ordering and there was info label that came stuck to it too which I've found super helpful as well. It's a really powerful product that worked wonders for me in just a couple of days so it's safe to say I'm impressed. The only thing I've noticed is it's made the skin around the spots/where the spots were noticeably dry, however it does warn of this if you're using other products too and it instructs to keep the surface area you apply it to as small as possible which admittedly, I don't think I have. I've got awful hand-eye coordination and I tend to get things everywhere even if I'm aiming for the right spot, so my bad! Read more about it or bag yourself one here.

I'm not going to say too much about this next one, because at the end of the day it's just a fancy lip balm/skin salve but its definitely my favourite fancy lip balm! After hearing of my best friend Dem's love for the birthday Balm dotcom, I decided to bag myself one (after eyeing it up forever.) And then, when Dem told me you could get a bundle of 3 and save a fiver, I decided to bag myself 3. I went for the birthday flavour which is lovely smelling and slightly sparkly, the mango one which is coral tinted and super pretty, and the mint one which is untinted but kind of tingle-y in a cool way. I love them all, but my fave is definitely the birthday one, with the mango coming a close second.  It makes your lips dead soft, and I used it on a bit of dry skin I had on my finger left over from work (florist at mothers day, you can only imagine) and it made such a difference! Here are all the different flavours. 10/10, I love it.

Next on to the couple of makeup items I picked up. I'm going to talk about both the Perfecting skin tint and the Stretch concealer in the same lil bit because I have similar things to say about them both! First off, I'm a pale ass bitch. My normal makeup is Revolution and always in the shade 0.5, so I went straight for the palest shades which is G12 in both. I'm actually really surprised because its nowhere near as light as I was expecting. I can get away with it and it looks fine, but it's definitely not the shade I'd have picked if I'd have seen it IRL first. I'm so not used to the sheerness of it either, but I do like the concealer just on its own with no other makeup which is something I can't really do with my high coverage concealers, and I think on good skin days the foundation will be great to help even out my skin tone. I know these are gonna come in really handy when I go back to work as something quick and easy to stop me looking like death, but I definitely need to get my head round it and figure out how to make it work even better for me. First impressions though, as per the post, are that these are gonna grow on me. I've never been one for the "no makeup" look, it's either all or nothing with me but I'm excited to try and get into it a bit more. This is the set a bought with both products in, saves you a bit of money too.

You can probably tell how sheer the coverage is from this photo, but I am kinda vibing with it. Please allow my eyebrows; I had them done at Moll's Quarantine Salon and I'm not sure I'd go back xoxo
Last but not least (yes I said last, don't cheer too loudly) is Cloud Paint. I copped the shade Beam which is "soft peach" to quote Glossier's website. I haven't used liquid blush since my Boots' Natural Collection days but I remember being absolutely obsessed with theirs, so it's been nice to revisit it over the past week or so and I love the Glossier alternative a whole lot more. Believe me when I say use a teeny tiny amount, I mean a TEENY! TINY! AMOUNT! On my first application I used so bloody much of it, I looked like a real life peach. Other than that, absolutely love it and I'm gonna be trying out a few more colours some time soon. A review on their website also said that it lasts through a long crying sesh which I thought was hilarious, but I've just watched All the Bright Places on Netflix (watch it), cried for an hour straight and can confirm they weren't lying! Grab yourself one here.

If you made it this far, you're either named Demi or dead invested in some average gal's Glossier opinions, but either way I appreciate it and congrats for getting through all my rambling! To any of my friends reading this: if I've inspired you to place your first order, message me for my referral link and you'll get 10% off! I can see myself making a follow up post to this in the future, either my updated opinions or some more impressions (considering I ordered another product just last night - oops) so I'm sure you'll see a lil more Glossier from me in the future! Hope you're staying safe and well in this weird life, Lots of love.

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