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February Favourites

- This was originally a January Favourites; please forgive the lateness, more about that later - 

Hi Everyone! February has been and gone, and you know what that means - Favourites time! I've never actually done one of these posts on this blog even though I've thought about it many times, so I thought I might as well start in the new year. I've got quite a variation of things to talk about so I'd better get cracking.

   I had heard nothing but good things about this book, and I thoroughly enjoyed another book by the same author, so when I saw Eleanor and Park in a charity shop for 30p there was no way it was staying there! I really loved reading this; the story made me happy, sad and everything in between. I love how it's set in 1986 too, as I do like 80s music which plays quite a part in the book. It's such a well-written book and captivating story, and I urge anyone who hasn't to go and read it! You'll fall in love with Eleanor and Park, just as they do each other.

2. Soap and Glory's The Righteous Butter and Pulp Friction
  I got both of these products for Christmas and I'm absolutely in love! Firstly can I just point on that Pulp Friction smells absolutely heavenly. I absolutely love most Soap and Glory fragrances and Fruitigo is no exception. The actual product is definitely the best exfoliator/body scrub I've ever used. I really like the micro-beads and the consistency of it and it really does work wonders on any dry skin. The Righteous Butter is an old favourite of mine- I love absolutely everything about it and would definitely recommend it to everyone! It's such a good moisturiser and the two products work really well together.

  As you'll know if you read my post about it, this mascara has recently made it's way into my everyday make up bag after receiving it for Christmas. I've been using it less and less since I got hold of Roller Lash, but it's still a firm favourite of mine. I really love the volume it gives my lashes and they staying power is phenomenal. I literally struggle to get it off sometimes! I love the brush too, even though I'm not usually much of a fan of plastic brushes Benefit is changing my mind quite rapidly. Although a little pricey, this is something I'll definitely repurchase when it's gone.

4. Real Techniques Eye Brushes from Nic's Picks set
  I've been using RT brushes for over a year now, they're high-quality and relatively low budget which are two of my favourite things. I love all the ones I have, but the Base shadow brush (1st image) and the Angled Shadow brush (2nd) have to be my favourites. I love the way the base brush spreads colour evenly across the lid and the angled brush is perfect for spreading eye shadow through the crease and in the outer corner of the eye. 

  I absolutely love the MAC brush cleanser. At £11, I was surprised by how reasonable the price was and because of that wasn't expecting much. Oh how wrong I was. This stuff cleans even the dirtiest of my brushes, and it really doesn't take much of it to do so. I also really like how it makes my brushes feel like new again, even though I've had a lot of them for well over a year now and they've been used countless times. I will definitely buy this again when I run out, but I don't think that will be for a while!

I hope you liked reading about my January/February favourites! This post is so late because I've had a complete lack of motivation over the past month or so and I've been focused on completely rethinking half my life choices/ambitions/goals. It sounds dramatic, I know. I'm also sorry that the thumbnail/top photo isn't edited but I wanted to get this up as soon as possible and the original edit had "January Favourites" on it! Anyway, I hope everyone's had a good start to 2015 and I'm looking forward to getting back in the swing of things this month, also my 18th is coming up so that's probably going to generate a few posts in itself! What have been your favourites so far this year?


  1. Great picks! <3 I have been wanting to read Eleanor & Park for so long now! I definitely have to get my hands on it soon since I've heard so many great things about it :)

  2. its definitely worth picking up! let me know what you think :) <3